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MINNEAPOLIS PROJECT 2010Minneapolis Project

About the Filmmakers

John Akre (animator) lives in Northeast Minneapolis and works at MTN, the public access television station, where he heads the youth media department. In his spare time he writes, animates and makes comics. He has created dozens of animated films and an animated feature, "Wargoon Flishe."

Andrea Bursott is a cinematography major in MCTC's film program.

Jaime Carrera is a self-taught, independent multi-disciplinary artist from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. His exhibitions and performances have been presented in various spaces, including: Walker Art Center, Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, Fox Tax Gallery, Bedlam Theatre, Patrick's Cabaret, The Soap Factory and Ritz Theater.

Gabriel Cheifetz is a McKnight award winning filmmaker who has spent the last several years creating films that attempt to create stronger connections between people and their community. Work samples can be found at

Dave Deal is a Vagabond Yogi, Vegan bike commuter, lover of words, concepts and images, and creates experiential offerings that scintillate and fire the mind. An arts alum of Columbia College, and a punk, reggae and new wave adventurer, David gained inspiration from bike safari in Manhattan, Tokyo, Edinburgh, Boulder and Hawaii. His work blends uniquely powerful and contrasting images along with his own original score.

Dan Dockery is primarily a still photographer focusing on abandoned buildings, tunnels, and other lesser-seen locations. His "Obscure Places" photography has been displayed throughout the Twin Cities in various galleries. He's worked as DP on several projects for friends, but has recently decided to start making his own films as well.

Nathan Gilbert is an artist and theorist most recently writing for Art Review and Preview.

Stephen Gurewitz has had short films screen at film festivals including Sarasota, Vail, and SXSW. Currently, he is completing post-production on his first feature length project.

Abdi Hassan lives in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. He plays soccer for the Minnesota Thunder Academy and makes films in his spare time. He began making short films in high school as a youth participant at Phillips Community Television (PCTV).

Sam Hoolihan is a Minneapolis-based artist and musician. He is currently working toward his MFA degree in photography at the University of Minnesota.

Tyler Jensen is filmmaker hailing from Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs. He studied photography and video arts at Perpich Center for Arts Education and MCTC. His short works have been featured in various places around town, across the country, and internationally.

Allen Keating-Moore runs an independent film and video label called Cinemapraxis, distributing work outside the confines of both mainstream filmmaking and the now mainstream indy-film world. He is influenced by both experimental and narrative cinema and sees those categories as fluid (rather than stagnant) points of departure. In 2010, Allen finished making Shut The Mouth, his first feature length film as a writer/director. He enjoyed the experience immensely and is currently screening Shut The Mouth as well as writing his next feature film (And working on some ongoing documentary projects too).

John Koch holds a BFA in Photography, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 1999, with a post-bac semester at Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy in 2000. Koch is the founder of Cinema Revolution, which began as an independent DVD rental store, and is now a local nonprofit filmmaking society. Koch has made seven short films and two feature films along with work as a video designer for dance performance. He has collaborated with dance and theater artists Live Action Set, Vanessa Voskuil, Susana di Palma and Sachiko Nishiuchi and is a 2009 SAGE award for dance winner for his video design. His new feature film "The Seducer" premiered at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival in December 2009, and won the "Best Feature" award at the festival.

Corey Lawson is a screenwriting major in MCTC's film program.

Amy Mattila is enchanted with connection between creativity, spirituality and healing. She will graduate next summer from Metropolitan State University with a degree in Screenwriting. When Amy isn't cooking up creative film projects she is all hands running her bodywork practice, The Dogwood Studio in NE Minneapolis.

Raymond Merchant is a Hip Hop artist, father of two, and community organizer in south Minneapolis. He is an eclectic artist who not only paints or illustrates hand-made books, but also designs and crafts idiosyncratic art objects from all manner of ephemera. In addition, he is also a former childcare worker and a greatly loved member of his community. Firmament Collapse is his first foray into the onscreen world of film. Raymond, who is often known as Anonymous Concept (A.C.) in the Hip Hop arena, not only acted in Firmament Collapse, but composed and recorded the musical score as well.

Elizabeth Mims' short film "Thompson" has screened internationally at numerous festivals including the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Starz Denver Film Festival and SXSW where her and director Jason Tippet won the Jury Award for best short film.

Brian Murnion is an aspiring film director and a Minneapolis native since 2003. In recent years, he has helmed nearly one dozen short films and several creative projects that examine human existence in our day-to-day routines. This form of narrative is what attracts Brian to the cinema and he seeks to find a balance between our religious behaviors, our political behaviors and our personal relationships. This is life in real time, and he believes the cinema is the only medium that can capture this "time."

Yoko Okumura grew up in Linden Hills and is an alum of the City of Lakes Waldorf School and the Perpich Center for Arts education. She recently received her BFA in Film/Video at the California Institute of the Arts and is now working in Los Angeles. Her short films have screening internationally at festivals such as Los Angeles Film Festival, Seoul International Youth Film Festival, and Chicago Film Festivals and have received numerous awards.

Sam Thompson has made several films and music videos in The Wedge neighborhood, including the feature film, "Living Arrangements," which he shot in his home. He enjoys people watching, and appreciates an opportunity to make a film out of that. His short film "Theres a Werewolf in My Attic!" was an official selection at the Slamdance Film Festival, and his short film "Urine Trouble" won Best Short at the Atlanta Horrorfest.

Todd Wardrope is a filmmaker and freelance video producer. His creative work has been screened through MNTV, MSPIFF, Dance Film Project 2009, and Sound Unseen.


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