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The mission of the Cinema Revolution Society is to engage the Twin Cities in the appreciation and creation of film as art, through essential screenings and the commissioning and exhibition of new works that highlight the ties connecting cinema to the other arts and the community.

A Brief History

Cinema Revolution began in 2003 as a locally owned independent video store founded by filmmaker John Koch. The store quickly became sought out for its selection of hard to find films, and was recognized by City Pages for "Best DVD
Rental" in 2004, 2005, 2006 and "Best Place to Rent Foreign Films" in 2007. Throughout its years of operation the store was staffed and run by dedicated cinephiles and local filmmakers alike, and was also active in the community, holding events such as monthly Cinema des Artistes screenings at the Varsity Theater, two anniversary parties featuring local film and music, the specially commissioned Fortune Cookie Film Project and Dance Film Project, Wednesday Night Film School and the Film Discussion series.

Though the retail store closed in September 2009, the organization's love for cinema remains strong, and its altruistic ideals and dedication to film as art carry on. With its two collaborative film commissioning programs, the Minneapolis Project and Dance Film Project, Cinema Revolution continues to promote both the appreciation and the creation of cinema with the community in new and innovative ways.

Selected Articles

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City Pages "Best of the Twin Cities" award, April 2007

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